Women Really Do Love Bastards

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Women Really Do
Love Bastards:

Learn the Number
One Bastard Trait
that Mesmerizes women


A Man Should Own the 'Power'

How Would You Like to Finally Find a Solution
to Your Lack Of Manly Power Both in Your Life
and in Your Relationships and Your Dating Arena?

Are you tired of the women in your life always holding the power? Are you tired of being a really, really Nice Guy, and constantly being 'punished' for it by being rejected, walked over, or taken for granted?

If you're a man, be it a self-proclaimed "nice-guy" or a self-appointed "bastard" you probably caught yourself nodding your head in agreement when you read the above headline.

"....constantly being 'punished' for it by being rejected,
walked over, or taken for granted..."

Heck, as a man I know I did at one time. I have to admit I was a "non-bastard". A "down-to-earth, always respectful of women, will always give in to make the woman happy - nice friggin' guy", who had absolutely zero power in my relationships and with women.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dan Hampton (no, I'm not the Dan Hampton of football fame) and I was lucky enough to be chosen to read and review Tigress Luv's book, Women Really Do Love Bastards. Why? Because I wrote Tigress asking her for advice on my own personal 'Nice Guy' dilemma in my marriage.

Yes, I am a self-proclaimed Nice Guy.

And I'll be the first to admit that being a Nice Guy never got me anywhere… Well I can't say that that's entirely true: I did get used a lot. BUT I will say that it was apparent the "bastards" always, always got luckier with the women than I did. I got their rejects, their not-so-left-overs.

"Thank you, Tigress! This book was a complete enlightening ass-kicker for me. Never has anybody ever explained the nice guy and bad boy thing so clearly, and it just made so much dead-on sense. No hearsay crap. I am having epiphany after epiphany. You are a genius!" ~Phil Trovillion 

"Thank you very much! ..... The book is sooooo right on!!! thanx!!" ~Steve

Heck, for a long time I thought it was me. I thought it was a cruel joke. I thought I was singled out as being a "nice guy freak of nature". I thought all the "non-bastards" were getting lucky except me. I mean com'n! EVERYONE said you needed to be a romantic "nice guy" to have success with women! Little did I know the whole "nice guy" thing was malarkey. Pure & simple crap. Probably put together a long time ago by a group of mothers living out their "evil plan" to keep their sons from dating girls that didn't meet their high & mighty standards!

But not only did it keep their sons from dating "bad girls" it kept them from having any fun period, and from forming relationships with terrific women that lasted longer than one night!

"Love, Love, Love your ebook. I wish you could be my dating coach (smile). I will be purchasing more of you books. Take care and keep educating... " ~Gary

And I was one of the idiots that bought into the "nice guy" story - hook, line & sinker. And with it my sex life and love life were both doomed to utter failure (or just about).

And - like I said before - I thought I was alone in the world… the only "non-bastard" that wasn't getting any. The only "non-bastard who kept getting cheated on, used, and dumped - over and over again.

Eventually I managed to "bastard" my way into a successful relationship and get married to a wonderful woman. But I've never forgotten all the fun I missed out on when I was single because I was a wretched "nice guy".

In later years, much to my own satisfaction I at least had the pleasure of talking to other guys that experienced the same thing during their single periods of life. Namely they played the "nice card" with virtually every woman and got "shut out", cheated on, or dumped far more often than the "bad boys"...

...."Bad boys" - that was our term for them. "Bad boys", "Bastards", "Jerks", "Assholes"… in our book they were all the same. And they were the ones that had the luck with the women. All us "non-bastards" knew it! It wasn't a secret or anything - and I'm sure if you're a "nice guy" reading this you know that, too! Nice Guys Get Dumped! Period.

But Women Really Do Love Bastards tells you exactly how to be the man that will win the chick over both the Bad Boy and the Nice Guy, and keep her faithfully by your side. A solution that is so remarkable - and so real - and so permanent that you should start to see results immediately. I know I did, and not just by the way my wife started to treat me, but by the way all women started to treat me! 

"Tigress, I've noticed that since I started following the tactics in your book (BTW they feel so natural for me) my girlfriend has become happier with me and herself. She doesn't know what happened but I think she can sense the change in me and also I'm no longer worried about her cheating on me like I was before (as I wrote you about). Thank you, once again." Doug

"Women Really Do Love Bastards: The Number one Bastard Trait that Mesmerizes Women" unlocks the secrets on how and why the "Bastards" get the women and the "Non-bastards" don't. But, more importantly, it tells you exactly how you can be the 'Bastard' that gets the girl, and still be a pretty decent fellow. And it's pissing women off everywhere for exposing all these little secrets.

Secrets I wish I knew then.

I can tell you it opened my eyes a great deal where it talks about:

  • The REAL secret of a woman's attraction to the 'Bastard' (it's not what you think!)
  • How all that you've read about Nice Guys, and how to be the 'man that gets the women' is so completely wrong and how it can even backfire on you!
  • How a Nice Guy really blows it with women (you never would have guessed this one on your own!)
  • Why women secretly want "bastards"
  • How the dreaded "I love you like a brother" problem can be resolved once and for all
  • How to shed your non-bastard role without becoming a total asshole

You see being a "bastard" isn't about becoming a woman-beater or abusing women with words or emotions, and definitely not about becoming more aggressive as most 'nice guy' book authors erroneously claim it is…

It's more about following one simple little rule that you never ever thought of doing before.

"What you said makes so much sense. What a relief to finally be able to do this. Thank you for making me feel good about myself, I just wish I had read your book first before I read all that other garbage out there." (no name given)  

This ebook was written by a woman for men... and who else is better qualified to tell you the truth than a woman who is blatantly forward about what type of man a woman really wants - and why. In fact, it's finely detailed to what women really want from men both during a first meeting - all the way down to a serious relationship and beyond.

You'll learn about:

  • Why Women Aren't Attracted to Non-bastards
  • The Five Different Types of 'Nice Guys' and Why Women Avoid (or Dump) Them
  • How to be a Bastard Without Playing Games or Giving Up You
  • Why Being a Bastard Makes YOU Irresistible to Women
  • Simple First-meeting Tips for Bastards
  • How to Rock Her World in Bed (throw away those sex manuals, you'll never see these THREE ELEMENTS that are so essential for great sex in any of them!)
  • The ONLY Way to Hold the POWER in a Relationship
  • And as an extra bonus the author, Tigress Luv, is including the How To Be A Bastard Quick-Start Guide: How to Become the Bastard that Women Love in 10 Easy Steps.

"Tigress, I just wanted to write you and let you know that I am a woman and I just read your book, Why Women Love Bastards, and for the first time in my life I now know why I have always been attracted to so many 'Bad Boys' and have been hurt over and over again. It all makes so much sense to me now. I thought that there must have been something wrong with me to be attracted to so many jerks. I thought I was somehow damaged inside, ya know? You have opened up my eyes to my reasons for doing this and possibly have saved my life. You probably don't know what I am saying by that but trust that it's true. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are truly wonderful BTW if you know any 'nice guys' that have read your book, send them my way :)" ~Mary Dawn

"Ms Tigress,

I love you for writing this book. You are on target because of the things you described as a feminized male I was feeling but did know how to move away from it because cultural message is to sympathize with the female. Oddly when I haven't done this I have been more successful with women. Its been the really case that I have done this.

A lot of people will look at the title and be turned off and that's unfortunate for them but I am more powerful (grins) and more comfortable smacking my girls ass in public (grins more)..resisting her.. while at the same time being loyal, considerate and stuff. If I wasn't such a nice guy I could be dangerous with this information. This perspective I hope makes me more balanced going forward.

Finally, I wish I had read this book six months ago when the girl that I was dating decided to end the relationship. The majority of things (i.e. tests) that she gave me to determine my masculinity I just flunked. I knew she was testing me but I didn't know how to respond to it or even what to do about it. Prior to this she had described me as being wonderful and then all of a sudden she started testing is what I referred to as at the time before I read the book. She wanted me to be stronger with her and I wasn't. I was to in awe to much a wimp. My only saving grace is that I didn't act wimpy during the breakup. My thoughts prior to reading the book. I better understand what happened now. Will not make the same mistake again.

Thank You! Thank You!" ~Jerome

The author is the renown Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru, whose literary works have been talked about on such shows as Oprah, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Tyra Banks, and who, herself, used to be a Bad Boy Junkie.

Add to this the radical relationship insights added by this perceptive woman, and you are sure to be amazed when you uncover what women are really attracted to.

"You can almost bet that this female author has made enemies out of a lot of women by disclosing these little secrets. Still, all in all women are going to be a lot happier when their men finally start acting like real men."

The divination that is possessed so abundantly in Tigress Luv is exactly what it took to write this avant-garde material! It is ingenious, to say the least. Tigress kick-starts your life with her unbelievably profound insight into men, women, and relationships, of which she is so well-known for, and then finishes off with instructions on how to become the man that women really want in ten-easy steps.

This is a must-read book for every man who is sick and tired of not holding any power in his life or in his relationships!

And no other female author has the unique ability to see new and radical approaches to relationships such as Tigress has. It's like getting your very own genie in a bottle once you know the secret to holding your own power!

"Woo Hoo, Tig! I can see why women are pissed off about this book. You said it as it is. Kudos to you, girl. You rock!" Javier

Learn what even women themselves don't know... what really, really attracts women to certain men and keeps them faithfully attached and attracted to them, and learn how you can become that certain man.

"....But FIRST you have to forget everything you think you know or have read about Nice Guys & Bastards...because everything you've read so far is wrong, wrong, wrong! As you'll soon find out the REAL reason why women are hooked on their Bastards..."

So if you're ready to shed that "non-bastard" image and get your share of the "action" that is going on out there every single day... and if you're ready to regain your power in your life and over your women... then you need to read this insightful, eye-opening guide today!

"Thank you, Tigress. Only someone like you could have explained this in such an understandable way. It's so funny, because the answer was right under my nose the whole time. I will highly recommend this book to all my friends!"~Indio

"i am (was) a proclaimed "nice guy". Holy shit did this open my eyes. I was married to a woman that i gave into her every desire, and now i just broke up with someone and fell rite into the same trap. I feel totally humiliated and embarrassed by my actions. Everything u talk about is absolutely true. I feel, well i know, these two women have lost all respect for me and look at me as a peon. I allowed them to shit all over me and not stand up for myself allowing them to rule my life and strip away all my dignity for myself, and i was stupid enough to let them do this. It is without question the best reading i have ever read. What's funny is in my work environment, which i am a farmer, i feel like i have total control of any dilemma that gets thrown at me, but within relationships i bow down like a wussy puppy dog. I never realized y i do this stupid shit, and i'm a friggin dairy farmer (a cowboy John Wayne). FINALLY GETTIN MY ''MOJO'' BACK. And for all u nice guys out there...........it's time for us to grow some balls.......thanks tigress"~Cowboy

Thank you for telling the truth about being a man in an enviroment today's that is saturated with toxic gender blending social "norms". Your e-book serves a wakeup call to every man who has every subscribed to crazy bullshit ass ideologies of The Feminist Moment, Dr. Phil, Self - Help books and others who use covert and overt tactics to feminize every red blooded masculine man western society into becoming a sexually "non-threatening" nice guy. You are the real deal Tigress!

Thank you,


I just got done reading your book about why women love bastards. I know that you are 100% accurate on this, I just lost a girl because she lost her attraction to me and I'm certain that it was because of many of the things that I did that you mention in the book. I didn't even realize that i was doing them at the time and wish now I could change that because she is a great catch. Is there any way to become the bastard to someone that has already seen the other side? I sure would like to see if I could make it work. (Customer left no name)

Extremely instructive.

Your list should be a primer for any young man just entering the dating scence; or older divorced guys re-entering it.

I believe that at least some of the Offended "Nice Guys" are either too proud, too scared or too stupid to take this as anything but constructive critisism.

I had to learn these faux pas on my own, but when I did I succeeded remarkably well in attracting the "hotter" women instead of repelling them. Not only did I save a lot of cash and heartache, but I also avoided a lot of abuse myself from the true bitches out there.


"feedback? i just got done reading thru 177 pages of realization that i've spent most of every relationship i've ever been in running down the trail of nice guy as fast as i could run.

but, on the other hand, i learned alot as well. now all i need to do is try it. at least i have plenty of free time, since this last race down that road seems to have cost me a life with someone who, after following almost everything you talked about, (looking for the nice guy shoulder to cry on, while telling me i was "exactly the kind of man she wanted to be with") went running right back to the bastard type i just finished hearing all about how emotionally abandoned she's been for the last several years.

so, i had bounced in here following a few links, not even sure how i ended up here, but, on the other hand, i'm glad i did. my past failures make alot more sense now.

all of it has been exagerated by my life, i've been in iraq for 3 years, working for a dod contractor. i was willing to quit and go home for her, but now, i'm staying. step one, i'm going to do what i want. besides, it does pay good, and tax free. i think there was enough bastard in my, i'm kinda arrogant about what i do here, to get her attention, and then when i became too much of the nice guy, off she went again.

oh, well, try again someday after i think i understand all this a bit more. i did enjoy it, you have an easy writing style to read.

thanks robert"


I just finished reading the book mentioned above and felt the need, unexpectedly, to write some thing back to you. First, I will say that I found this and your other books by chance, and indeed, was not even searching out such books. I am, however, glad that I found and read it. It is the first of any such book, even the first book that might fall into the "self help" category that I have read.

I would say I suffered some of the afflictions of being a Nice Guy, and I can contribute it to being raised in a dominant female family. They always seemed to hold the power in the household and seemed to always get their way. Perhaps this as well as the suffocating amount of such things you spoke about, that men should be emotional, that lead me to be the way I am.

Thinking back, I can visualize the resistance of the men in my family, unwilling to change certain behaviors, taking part of activities that was strictly guys only, and bonding with each other with beers and some sort of activity such as chopping wood for a fireplace. I suppose somewhere along the lines, I lost myself and forgot what it meant to be a man. Though, again thinking on it now, I still see activities we partake in as strictly men, such as whenever I am home, the men all go outside and have a cigar, quietly enjoying the bond that can only be felt between men. I guess I just never registered it as such, but rather just a standard procedure.

For years, I have written, as writing is how I can think the best logically, things I have thought were wrong and that I should change because I knew they were wrong, many of the things I thought about were listed in your book; but never could quite figure out how to change them or get the motivation to do so. Two years ago, I finally got fed up with the complacency of it all and realized I was only living, and have ever lived, as others wanted me to. So I finally broke lose, I quit a job that I could have risen in but it was too simple and mundane, to being a chef in an environment that can be likened to a chaotic hell at times; an environment where I was responsible for myself and failure was not an option. I finally moved away from the family (first time in 21 years) and got to live as I deemed fit, surrounded by completely new and unknown people in a landscape that I have never even seen before. I continue this journey now, working and traveling some place every year or two, hoping to experience all I can and to live without ever having to think back and have regrets wearing down my resolve.

The one field I could never make any headway in was relationships. I know now, after reading your book, that I was too closely raised by my mother and sister with little to no masculine influence after that age of 14. I thought as they did and took that perspective into my trials of dating. I settled, I "fell in love" too quickly in almost every case, I gave whoever it was all she wanted and then some, I never took risks...boring!!- I would never approach someone I felt was "too attractive for someone like me", and I felt completely empty inside. I felt like I was worth nothing and that I would never be happy. Hell, for a time, I accepted that it was not my path to feel happiness in this life and took it as my mission in life to give others happiness at my expense! When there were break ups or what not, I blamed it on myself and let her go, wishing her more happiness with someone better than I thought I was.

Enough! As you said and I had also wrote to myself thousands of times, we have but one life, never settle. We can only be happy if we let ourselves be happy and have the means within ourselves. We can sit back and let life pass by or stand up, grab it with both hands, and take a hold of it, molding it to our own will. We always have to be ourselves and never conform to another's will, for we will only end up destroying ourselves. If we want change, we must stand up and take it, for it will not happen through wishing, and it will not happen by chance.

After writing all that, I also finally figured out why I felt the need to write it and my appreciation of your book to you. I now see this as the catalyst for me to make this change of character and to once again become what man used to be. By writing it to another, it makes me more accountable for doing it instead of eventually letting it go by and going back to the old mold of thought. It is a declaration to myself, through your book and through telling you all this, that I will change my ways because otherwise, I will never truly be happy, or fulfilled in life; and really if those two things cannot be had, then what is the point in living and persevering through the hardships life gives us?

So once again, thank you for this and other books, it provided an insight that I felt was lingering in my peripheral, but it always lacked enough form to act upon. Thank you for providing the frame for those insights to attach to so that I may build them into my own being."


"hi Tigress,

I'm a boy from Spain, my english is bad but I'll try to write it fine. I'm 29 years old. I'm happy because I learned a lot from your ebook. I've read LOTS of them, but "how be the bastard that women love" was an eye opener! I was little resistant, I tried to be perfect. My nice guy was the number 4, the 'brother'. I have too a poor manliness. Now that I've read this, I'm gonna try an accidental contact with her going out by the places that we had in common. But I'm happy anyway.

Please, keep me informed about new ebooks that you could sell.

Thanks you again :)


"Dear MsTigressluv

Wow, simply put wow. I am a nice guy and I must say your advice is dead on. I had no idea that what I was doing was giving off a feminine vibe. I am a poet a knight in shining armor. I am probably your biggest project of reformation. But unlike those other guys who sent you those crude messages I must say I am wise enough to know that what I have been doing is NOT working. But hopefully by taking your advice that can change, even if it does not work it is change because as I stated doing the same thing does not work.

I lost a very special girl in my life and I felt very lost without her but now I am starting to realize I have to live for myself. I have to be the masculine energy. It will be a difficult task as I had no father growing up I hate sports and love classical music and as stated poetry. Though I do not feel I have to change my likes and dislikes I have to be more and more confident in whom I am. I have started to change my gestures to a more masculine type though. I hope to be able to approach new woman within the week with my new found me.

Thank you so much for your book it was worth every penny and I really feel that you are genuine in your quest to help men like me realize that we can have the girl of our dreams. (Customer didn't leave a name.)"

"Hi There MsTigress, I am a man of 61 years old and have gone most of my life with being a Mr. Nice Guy towards women. I have your books on Being the Bastard and also Breaking Free From Their Spell. Never have I read such truthful straight forward truths about men and women. I really appreciate what you revealed about women and what their REAL motives and wants are. Even at my age I'm looking forward to get more in touch with my male DNA. I just want to say thank You and I really, really, appreciate your truthful writings.


"Dear Ms. Tigress,

My name is Amy Xxxxx (name deleted to protect customer's privacy). I just purchased and am reading your "Bastards" book. I stumbled across it and feel its been a true godsend!

I have been the pampered bitch my whole life. Well, at least in the dating realm. I've been blessed with an abundance amount of beauty and have never really had to work at relationships with men. If I didn't get what I wanted... I moved on to the next. Now, 20 years (I'm 36) into dating, never been married.... I'm exhausted. I've dated every kind of guy there is .....trying to find out exactly what kind of man would be the one for me..... until 4 months ago when I met a guy who rocked my world to the core!

He is a bastard! Exactly like your book describes! The way he treated me drove me insane... I became addicted. He didn't kiss my ass, he didn't change for me..... and I tried every single manipulative move under the sun....he never budged! He kept giving me just enough hope to know he was interested but not anything more that I shamelessly whined and begged for! I know that under the "asshole" persona he is a great man! So I flat out became addicted... acted crazy!!! Scared the shit out of him and myself and ultimately drove him away! On purpose! I could not leave on my own and thought I needed to so I acted psycho knowing it would make him leave me! My question is this.....

Since you were so brilliant to finally get the "bastard" - "natural selection" traits that women want... what brilliant advice can you give women to make sure they keep their "bastard"?

I know that visually being attractive would be the #1 goal to attract him but what insight can you give on keeping him?

I know now from the pit of my heart that the "bastard" I drove away because of all the stupid shit I thought I needed and wanted and wasn't getting from him... I know now that he and all his "bastard behaviour" is exactly what I want in a man.

I never want to make the same mistake again! It's taken me 20 years to figure out what kind of a woman I want to be and what kind of a man I want, if I am ever blessed with the presence of such a greatness like my dear bastard again, I don't want to screw it up.

Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you for your books and life changing advice. You are truly a gem in the lord's crown!

Amy Xxxxx (name deleted to protect customer's privacy)

"About your bastard book. All I can say is 'WOW!'"~anon


Women Really Do Love Bastards

The Number One Bastard Trait
That Mesmerizes Women

By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru



How To Be A Bastard Quick-Start Guide:
How to Become the Bastard that Women
Love in 10 Easy Steps

By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru


A Bastard's Guide to Dating

A Real Man's Guide to Dating

By Shyanne Neiman

Warning: This ebook contains crude
and graphic language.

This ebook comes with a FREE bonus ebook, A Bastard's Guide to Dating, written by Shyanne Neiman.

She'll tell you about

  • The 5 Misconceptions About Women
  • Grooming Tips to Help Rid You of the Nice Guy Image
  • Advice for One Night Stands
  • And more....!

The author is the outspoken Shyanne Neiman, a no-nonsense type of woman who reveals all in her ebook, and kicks ass in the process! Shyanne is rather well-known for her brutal honesty and adds a huge dose of it in her companion guide, A Bastard's Guide to Dating.

Let Shyanne Neiman fill you in with instructions on how to become the man that women really want to date. No other female author is as forthright and straightforward as Shyanne is.

Purchase Women Really Do Love Bastards now and get the FREE bonus ebook, A Bastard's Guide to Dating, along with the bonus, How To Be A Bastard Quick-Start Guide: How to Become the Bastard that Women Love in 10 Easy Steps . You'll never regret it!

The Bastard System is delivered to you instantly! This means that you can be reading it in as little as three minutes from now!

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Isn't gaining the POWER back in your life,
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....You can start using this advice as soon as tonight! 

Isn't gaining the POWER back in your life,
and in your relationships, worth it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Bastard System really work for me?

A. Nothing works for 100% of the population, 100% of the time. Let's face it, anyone who claims they have something that does so is being untruthful. The great news is that this ebook is fairly new but so far we have had almost a 100% success rate with our clients who followed the methods outlined in the ebook. There is more than an excellent chance that you will see the same results!

Q. What will I have to do?

A. The ebook details how to gain back your power in fine detail and explains to you the reasons why the Bastard System works with women.

Q. What type of product am I going to receive?

A. The product is delivered to you in two ways. Choose either way, or choose both ways! The first method is via ebooks that will be delivered electronically to you over the Internet. You will be provided with access to download the ebooks and the bonuses described above in less than two minutes after your purchase. (Please note that ebooks do not work on Mac computers.) Secondly (and for those who own Macs), you will also have immediate access to the entire Bastard System through my private online website - and once you get in, you can enter the website any time you want. If you need any assistance, one of my customer service people will help you promptly.

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Stop wasting your precious time going through the pain of rejection after rejection, or of being used over and over again! You can spare yourself all that agony and have an answer to your dilemma - and for only $34.95 $17 - RIGHT NOW!

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